Ab Ripper II

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Goal: Build Core Strength

Training: Intermediate  

Duration: 4 Weeks

Days: 4 Per Week

Length: 15-20 min

Male and Female 


The workouts can be performed between 3-6 times per week. It is recommended to cycle between the two during your workout days.


Your abs will also never show if you’re not at a reasonable body fat percentage for them to be visible. Therefore, it is recommended that you pair this workout program with a complete nutrition plan on our website to ensure that your training will positively benefit your body composition.


The 2 forms of core training are broken up into 2 separate workouts:


one workout focuses on flexion-based ab exercises to build that coveted brick-like midsection, and the other focuses more on ab exercises that require stability to perform as well as exercises for the often-neglected glutes and lower back.




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