Mike Muscles Performance Training is a unique training facility passionate about making people the best version of themselves, whether they are an athlete chasing their dreams of becoming a professional or a parent just wanting to be able to keep up with their children as they get older. The fitness industry is saturated with misinformation and false promises of easy results and fast or simple solutions.

Reality is: A lifestyle change of any kind is not fast nor easy. Losing weight is not fast nor easy, gaining muscle mass is not fast nor easy, and making the various adjustments to your life necessary for health or physical changes is not fast nor easy.

MMP Training is here to cut through the cookie-cutter industry of health and fitness and give people real success, real results, and real change.

At MMP Training, we want to ensure that our clients not only reach their goals in a safe environment with a trainer they can trust, but that they are also able to gain knowledge and independence throughout their training so that they may feel confident in the gym on their own.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at 291 Woodlawn Rd. W Unit 4B, Guelph, Ontario.

O: What are your hours of operation? A: Because we are a private training facility, we

A: Because we are a private training facility, we do not have set hours where we are open or closed. We run by appointment only

Q: How long until I start seeing results?

A: Results take time, but everyone's bodies are different. Depending on lifestyle choices made outside of the gym, one could start seeing results within 1 month. Dietary choices, sleep, stress, and activity level directly impact results, so it is an expectation that MMP clients adjust these other aspects of their lifestyle to reflect the results they want to see from their training.

O: Is there a commitment period with personal training?

A: As stated, results take time. In order to properly address a client's needs and work towards their goals, we need a mutual commitment of at least 3 months. This commitment is a commitment to yourself and the process, which will help keep you accountable to your goals, whether that be for better health or a better physique (or both)

Q: How do I sign up for personal training?

A: Please contact us utilizing the contact form indicating the training type you are looking for (Athlete Development, Individual, Partner, Small Group, Bootcamp, Online) along with any details you think may be helpful. We will then contact you to arrange a consultation. After the consultation we will send the appropriate documents as well as an invoice. Once payment has been received, training will commence on the confirmed dates and times reserved for the client either onsite or online

Q: How much does personal training cost?

A: Pricing is determined by factors such as training type, number of sessions per week, etc. Personal training is an investment into yourself, your goals, and your health. Mike Muscles Performance Training is different than your standard gym or personal training gym, however we are competitively priced for the area

Q: What is the dress code?

A: All clients must arrive wearing appropriate exercise attire including a shirt, exercise pants/shorts, sports bra, socks, and clean indoor running shoes. No outdoor shoes will be permitted in order to keep our facility clean and equipment in spectacular condition.

Q: Do you have change rooms and lockers at your facility?

A: Because we are a private facility, there are no lockers or change rooms onsite. Clients are expected to arrive prepared for their session, however, the washroom may be used to change if necessary.


Michael Webber, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Owner of Mike Muscles Performance Training

Michael started pursuing his career in Personal Training in 2016 after facing increasing adversity during University and started channeling his frustrations into the gym and personal development. Achieving every goal he set out for himself, he became incredibly passionate about health and wellness, wanting to help others feel the same sense of accomplishment and feel their best physically and mentally Beginning by training individuals out of their homes, their facilities, or at the track. Michael's drive has led him to opening Mike Muscles Performance Training to be able to maximize his training with clients and athletes in an environment that reflects his work ethic and providing an unrivaled experience for those serious about chasing their goals.

Michael specializes in athletic performance training, stemming from his extensive history in sports including football and track & field, and fueling passions of helping athletes grow to become the best versions of themselves. Seeing a lot of young athletes being trained inadequately and seeing a lot of opportunity for improvement within the coaching and training space motivates Michael to continuously help and support as many athletes as he can, working with athletes of all calibers and all ages, preparing them for what lies ahead in their sport, and creating a force to be reckoned with.