At MMP Training, there will never be a one-size-fits-all approach to physical development, especially for athletes. Athletes require specialty training that will provide transferrable value on and off the field, track, court, ice or wherever their performance needs to stand out.

The training MMP utilizes when working with athletes is specifically designed to maximized performance while correcting imbalances and decreasing risk of injury.

It's Never Too Early To Be Great

When wanting to go far in sport, an athlete must begin training with intention as soon as possible. Learning key skills and mastering the fundamentals of movement when an athlete is younger is crucial in order to hone those skills and be as strong of an asset as possible for when they are needed to stand out amongst their peers as a teen.

Developing proper movement patters at a young age is necessary to build a strong, balanced athlete that is invaluable to any coach and any team.


Benefits of Development Training in young athletes:

  • Lowers risk of injury & helps prevent injury
  • Instills positive habits & mindset
  • Allows adequate time to master basic skills & hone advanced skills
  • Improves long-term physical development
  • Refines & perfects technique & form